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automation                                                  In terms of automation, pinsen's design philosophy is to save manpower, improve production efficiency and increase the reliability of equipment. We fully understand the needs of customers and provide them with comprehensive solutions. 

 Production line of automobile air conditioning  HVAC assemblyAutomobile air conditioning HVAC assembly testing equipment  Experimental equipment for HVAC assembly of automobile air  condition

 Automobile air conditioning HVAC assembly equipment

Electronic products & Software      


We use personal computers and microcomputers to design and manufacture customized electronic devices.

We will discuss specifications with customers to clarify requirements. We can respond to electronic circuit hardware design, microcomputer / PC software design, printed circuit board manufacturing, shell design and manufacturing, and realize the equipment that best meets customers' requirements.

Other customized products        


Our company can accept the customized service of non-standard products,


Development, design, manufacture, installation and adjustment of 



Other customized products             

It can provide high skilled personnel dispatch service for other companies at home or abroad, and can serve any company. The personnel dispatched by pinsen include R & D personnel, production personnel, etc. the dispatch of highly skilled personnel can be divided into long-term or short-term, just to meet customer requirements


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About us

Company profile

             Guangzhou Pinsen Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service.In June the company was founded in 2011, since its establishment has been serving the manufacturing enterprise, we in the electronics, software, electrical, mechanical and other aspects have a strong research and development ability and manufacturing ability, we can give our customers a full range of products and services and technical support, we can also providing high-skilled personnel dispatch services to domestic or overseas,The industries involved are automation industry, electronic industry, software industry and so on.



The company vision

1. Pursuit of customer satisfaction。

2.We always start from the customer's point of view, strive to achieve the expected function, and the pursuit of customer trust and satisfaction, all for customer service.


3. Employees grow with the company

4. We will respect the diversity and personality of our employees and build a workplace where we can "dream" and "be proud" based on mutual trust and cooperation.


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